Eric Hayes To Play In Spain and Other News

Eric updated his Facebook page today and told the world that he would be headed to Spain.  I couldn't be happier for the kid.  He's going to one of the better professional leagues in Europe.  It's a league that has birthed a few NBA stars: Pau, Rudy Fernandez, and currently, the world's best point guard prospect plays there:  Ricky Rubio.  Hayes will get an opportunity to test himself against the best of Europe.

No word yet as to where in Spain Hayes will ply his trade. I don't think it much matters.  The kid is going to be a professional basketball player and that is an accomplishment in and of itself.

No word yet as to the whereabouts of Landon Milbourne.  I hope the kid lands somewhere but that is far from guaranteed.

In other news, the Terps are slated to play University of Illinois at Madison Square Garden (where else?) in the Coaches vs. Cancer Classic.  Pitt and Texas are also going to be in NYC for the mini-Tournament.

UPDATE 8/4 9:22PM

There is now a rap song about Greivis Vasquez and not surprisingly, it's awful.  Listen to it here.  Be careful.  Once you hear it; you can't "un-hear" it.  It will be with you forever.  The horror.  The horror.
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