Terps Are A Mess; Lose To Lowly Oregon State

What a debacle.

Nick Faust is just gawd awful.  He needs to be benched never to return.  He can't defend.  He's selfish. He does not know what to do with the ball.  He should just start doing the opposite of what he thinks is the right thing to do.  It will serve him better than his instincts.

If only Faust were the only problem.  Shaq Cleare has zero offensive game and is not a defensive stopper.  What does he bring to the table?  Mitchell is a force down low but he can't pass out of the double team and apparently can't shoot a free throw to save his life. 

The team defense was just atrocious.  The Terps could not stop anyone from penetrating into the lane.

Roddy Peters has athleticism. He can handle the rock and knows how to make a good pass.  He is able to penetrate too.  It doesn't appear that he has an outside shot but he is thus far a pleasant surprise.  The offense goes nowhere when he is not in the game.

Layman and Smotrycz aren't involved enough on offense because Dez Wells and Faust hog the ball too much.  Defensively, they are both liabilities.

Turgeon is in trouble.  Whatever he is doing is not working.  This team should be better than it is and that responsibility falls solely on the head coach.  If this doesn't turn around quickly this season will be over before it starts.

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Terps Fall Short In Brooklyn...Again

Some quick hits: -There are no moral victories.  -There were some things to be encouraged about but we all need to remember that Maryland STUNK for 32 minutes of the game. -Faust is a Pee I Gee PIG.  18 shots! He made 5 of them.  Faust is sure he is a crunch time guy.  He's not.  His shot selection is horrendous. [...] Read More »

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Disaster In Winston-Salem, Season In Jeopardy

The only thing that could have made yesterday's debacle worse would have been all of the QB's on the roster tearing their ACLs in a freak accident on the way back to College Park. Diggs and Long are now gone for the season.  Brandon Ross is injured.  CJ Brown isn't right.  The team showed no fight against a pedestrian Wake squad.& [...] Read More »

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Maryland Escapes With A Win Against Virginia

The Terps won today but it didn't feel that great. Virginia came within a makeable FG attempt of beating Maryland in College Park.  That would have been a disastrous end to the game and rivalry for that matter. What went right?  Mostly, the offense played well.  Rowe made some big throws and the Terps moved the ball on the ground. [...] Read More »

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Maryland Routs West Virginia

Today is a great day to be a Terp fan.  Not only did Maryland convincingly announce itself on the national stage; they did so against a border rival who has recently dominated the Terps. I honestly can't remember the last time Maryland pitched a shutout. I'm sure it has happened in the last 10 years but I can't remember.  Clearly, the [...] Read More »

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We Beat Duke. Now What?

I've been going to the Comcast Center for the better part of 10 years and I've never seen the place quite like that.  With or without the student section's commercial break flash mob; the arena was electric for the entire game.  The stadium was a big factor in the victory.  The game was incredibly exciting yet HORRENDOUSLY offici [...] Read More »

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A Tale of Two Seasons

I've got some trivia questions for you. The answers may surprise you:1. What is the difference in 3PT shooting % between this year's team and last year's team?Answer .001% (33.8% in 2007-08 vs. 33.7% in 2008-09). How is that for consistency? Don't expect much improvement. They are what they are from downtown.2. Which team averaged more offensi [...] Read More »

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