Steve Goins To Leave Terps

4/30/2009 7:56:12 AM It took intestinal fortitude, but I was able to avoid the inevitable pun that you will no doubt be seeing in the papers today.  It will look something  this: "Steve Goins, Going Gone".  I hate when journalists use puns.  I think it is lazy writing.  Steve's last name will prove to be too irresistable to pass up for most of the hackneyed beat writers who cover the program.

On to the business at hand.  Steve Goins is going to be leaving the program.  I don't think that Gary Williams is the type to force a kid out; but I do think he was bluntly honest with Steve about his chances for playing time.  Armed with that information, Steve Goins did what was best for him.

Most Terp fans will not shed a tear at Goins departure.  The kid was just a practice body and now there is a extra scholarship available. This means that the Terps are able to bring in two more guys to fill out next year's class.   Is it possible that Gary could land both Deshawn Painter and Lance Stephenson?

Far be it from me to predict what happens, but things look promising to land at least one of these two kids if not both.  The smart money is on Painter committing first.  He recently moved his official visit to campus up a week (it's now May 9th I believe).  It is between MD and Virginia Tech for Mr. Painter's services.  The Terps have lost recruits to the Hokies before, but really, we have to be considered the front runners.

As for Mr. Stephenson, who knows?  I'll tell you what I believe.  Anyone out there (including Zag's Blog) who claim to know what Lance is thinking are full of it.  No one knows what Lance is thinking.  Is it St. John's?  MD?  Arizona? It's anyone's guess.  The best advice I could give Terp fans is to stop trying to read the tea leaves and let the process play out.  Gary Williams obviously thinks he has a chance to land Lance or he wouldn't be freeing up scholarships and traveling up to NY to see the kid.

Fear not Terps fans, I expect the drama to continue to unfold over the next few weeks.  It will be an interesting summer as well.
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