Sterling Gibbs Is Texas Bound

5/16/2011 5:40:01 PM Sterling Gibbs will not be enrolling at the University of Maryland this Fall. He made it official on his Twitter feed.

Gibbs is a great kid and only a crazy Terp fan would hold this decision against him. Mark Turgeon got the Point Guard he wanted on Saturday when Seth Allen committed to the Terp Class of 2012.  Sterling Gibbs found a great landing spot at the University of Texas. 

We knew there would be casualties in the wake of Gary Williams' retirement.  Gibbs was the most likely.  Let's hope it ends there.  At worst, we could afford to lose Martin Bruenig; but that is where it must stop. 

Nick Faust and Justin Anderson must remain in the Maryland family. What's more, the Terps need to seal the deal on Shaquille Cleare.  If those three events come to pass; losing Gibbs will seem minor in comparison.

Now if KSU assistant Dalonte Hill moves to College Park; the recruiting landscape could be transformed.  Maryland could go from recruiting pariah to recruiting darling in the space of season.  Hill brings home the bacon, and the Terps need a lot of bacon. 

No matter what, Faust, Anderson, and Cleare need to be part of the Terps future.  Maybe, will get answers from couple of them this week
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