Some Post Georgia Tech Perspective

1/12/2009 11:08:19 PM I am reposting my thoughts after the GT game because due to a miscommunication, Gregg posted over top of my comments. Besides, as many have pointed out, the Vasquez issue has been beat to death. This is a nice segue to Miami on Wednesday......

At first glance the win against GT felt more like a stay of execution than a victory. A loss would have effectively ended the season, and it was discouraging to see the Terps struggle against the worst team in the ACC.

However, consider the following:

1. MD matches up poorly against the Yellowjackets. GT has a massive frontcourt and MD is well, challenged up front. So, it is not all that surprising that MD struggled. Some teams will just pose match up problems for the Terps (see Georgetown) and the fact that we won anyway should be encouraging.

2. MD clearly suffered from a hangover stemming from the Morgan State game. Vasquez shot terribly and what's worse, his shot selection was awful. The whole team was pressing too much and GT took advantage. Yet, Maryland eked out a victory.

3. The Terps came to their senses down the stretch and executed (like good teams are supposed to do). Some role players had nice games (Mosley, JSK, and yes Dupree), so the Terps should be feeling better heading down to Florida this week.

Maryland does not make the dance without Vasquez becoming a 1st team All-ACC performer. Everyone knows this. But today, the rest of the team picked him up and gutted out a victory mostly without Vasquez. This should give everyone confidence.

Miami is now tremendously important. A win and the Terps can start to believe. A loss and they are on the outside looking in. Hopefully, Greivis will stop jawing with his own team's fans long enough to realize what happened this afternoon.

(Editor's note:   When I wrote this, I had no idea that Vasquez made those post game remarks, nor did I know the alleged content that Terps fans supposedly were spouting.)

It won't be easy. Miami just went up to BC and won. MD will be a significant underdog on Wednesday night.

I may be crazy or suffering from irrational exuberance after watching the Ravens improbable win; but I think the Terps can leave Coral Gables with a W.
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