Rubber Meets the Road for Terps in Winston Salem

1/12/2010 2:39:06 PM The following is an email exhange I had with my college buddy and fellow Souper, Dan Goodman.  I think it sums up both the importance of tonight's game and the state of mind of the fan base:

Tonight's game is HUGE.  Have they turned the corner and learned to play the right way?  If they can win these winnable road games (Wake and BC), we are looking at a 5-0 conference start.  That would get us off the bubble.  I won't start to believe unless they win tonight.

The fact that Ravens beat the Patriots probably hurts the Terps.  The BC crowd would have no doubt been thinner had the Pats been playing the Colts at the same time.

Tonight's game is huge.. We need to keep the momentum going. Although, when I think of the Terps, I think of the old baseball phrase, "Momentum is only as a good as your next days pitcher", and Forrest Gump, "Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you are going to get." Really, has this team done anything in the past 7 years to make you think we are going to win tonight? Outside of that 7 game win streak to end the season 4 years ago, and the ACC tourney run last year, the mental toughness of the players in this program have shown me nothing to believe we win tonight. We will probably play really well the first 30 minutes, have a double digit lead, and then blow it at the end (like we did at Miami last year). Believe me, I want them to win in the worst way possible, and I think they can win this game. They should win this game - but I cant remember back to back games against quaility opponents were we shot well, and played well, especially on the road with only one day of rest.

I cant even begin to think about Saturday afternoon (although BC fans suck - my friend at work who went to BC even told me that), so I wouldnt worry about the fans- although Raven fans are in heaven. With this team, its one game at time for the fans.. we could easily be 1-4 as we could be 5-0.. Its great to think that way, but this team hasnt shown any sign of consistency.

Which Eric Hayes will show up tonight? The confident guy who nailed 5 3's last game, or the insecure dude who shot 3-14 from downtown the previous 3 games..Will Vaz realize its a road game and he needs to distribute the ball more, rebound more, and not try and win games with his shot?? Can Sean Mosely break out of his slump? Is Cliff Tucker full of confidence now, and will he continue to stroke the ball away from the Comcast Center? Will Gary keep Bowie on the bench?? Can J Will stay out of Foul trouble?? Too many variables and no "givens" tonight, except for Bowie actually playing.. I wish there was one thing I could actually count on for tonight (like a guaranteed 20 pts from Dixon on a low number of shots). Road ACC games are a lot different than a road game at UNC Greensboro...

Sorry, didnt mean to ramble.. just curious to see what happens tonight.. coudl be a huge springboard for the rest of the season..


You are absolutely right.  Nothing in the last 7 years gives me any confidence.  The only thing is that we are senior-laden.  That's it.  There is historical evidence that points to senior leadership mattering.

Well there you have it.  That's how Terp fans feel these days.  We hope for the best while expecting the worst.  There is a little bit of hope inside me that Sunday's game will mark a turning point in the season.  It very well may; but no one is about to believe it until they see it play out on the court.

Terps, my wish is that you give your fans something to believe in tonight.  We've been waiting.  Just give us a sign.
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