Roddy Peters Decision Thread

10/15/2012 8:28:53 PM Fresh off an in-home visit from Dalonte Hill and Mark Turgeon, the #3 ranked PG (#47 overall) will announce his decision tomorrow.  Maryland, and Xavier are the favorites to land his services.

In terms of a booby prize for not getting the Harrison, Peters would be amazing.  We all know that the Harrisons were "one and done" guys so it begs the question:  would you rather have one year of the Harrison or 2-4 years of Roddy Peters?  There's no right answer there but I like my point guards to have multiple years in the offense.  That tends to maximize their decision making ability and helps the team's efficiency. 

The bottom line is that getting Roddy Peters would put a stamp on the class of 2013 and definitively state that 2012 was no fluke.  It would also be Dalonte Hill's first big get from DC Assault which is an essential pipeline for the Terps to tap into as we rebuild.

The decision is at 9AM.  Good luck Terp fans.

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