Randy Edsall Is The New Head Football Coach Of The Maryland Terrapins

1/2/2011 4:37:10 PM First the vitals; then the rant.

- Randy Edsall is 52 years old (3 years older than Mike Leach).
- He is a graduate of Syracuse University where he played QB
- Connecticut is the only team he has ever coached
- His career record is 74-70
- His mentor is Tom Coughlin
- His current salary is $1.3MM/year

I'm sure Randy Edsall is a fine coach; but the bottom line is you do not fire Ralph Friedgen to hire Randy Edsall. Unbelievable.

This announcement completely undercuts Kevin Anderson's commitment to greatness.  Edsell has done a fine job building UConn's program from scratch; however, his teams have NEVER been ranked.  He has no track record of recruiting in the areas that Maryland needs to harvest.  In what way is he better than Ralph Friedgen?  Is he a better recruiter? Not really?  Is he an offensive wizard?  His team hasn't scored a touchdown since before Thanksgiving.  The program needs excitement to sell tickets.  With a pedestrian offensive head coach and no top level recruits, where is this excitement going to come from?

Even if we take the emotion out of it; Randy Edsall's stock could not be higher.  He's just taken UConn to an improbable BCS appearance and that is when we decided to offer him a job.  In finance, one of the worst things you can do is to buy a stock at its absolute apex.  It can only go down.  That's what Maryland just did with Edsall.  We bought the Dow at 14,000.

I'll blame Anderson for either making the boneheaded hire or not having enough gravitas to push through Mike Leach. Regardless, it is safe to say that the University of Maryland and its Board of Regents is just not serious about building a football program.

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