Pe'Shon Howard To Transfer

4/8/2013 3:27:11 PM I can't say that this news comes as a shock but Pe'Shon Howard has played his last game in a Maryland uniform. 

On one hand, I'm sad because Howard is a great kid who caught a few bad breaks with injuries.  On the other hand, I think that his departure is a signal that Turgeon intends to upgrade the PG position NEXT SEASON.

Yes, freshman Roddy Peters is coming in but I think Turgeon has something else up his sleeve.  Next season is a crucial one for the program and I don't believe that the Terps will go to battle with a freshman PG and two shooting guards (Allen and Faust) to run the offense.

I'm not going to speculate but JuCo seems like the most obvious place to look for a ready-to-go point guar.  Either that or a hardship transfer case.  Regardless, I think will see a big move in the next couple of months.

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