Pe'Shon Howard Out For Year With Torn ACL

2/10/2012 3:26:56 PM

The headline says it all.  Jeff Ermann is reporting that Howard is out for the year.  That's about the worst news the Terps could get heading into tomorrow's Duke game.

This is terrible news for a great kid like Pe'Shon who's already fought back from injury once this year. 

I've been saying for weeks that the Terps have serious point guard problems to solve this offseason and now the situation just got worse.  Howard is likely not going to be able to rehab until late summer at the earliest.  What's more he's not an ideal ball handler and the Terps have no real back up for him.    

I can't imagine Turgeon going back to Faust at the point, but what are his options?  I think Stoglin is a better ball handler and he will match up with the PG on defense anyway.  Give him the rock.  Maybe he'll be less of a gunner if he starts the possession with the ball in hands.

This is a disastrous situation that will be made worse if the Terps don't sign a legit ball distributor soon. Does anyone know of any PGs the coaching staff is talking to (JuCo or prep)?

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