Pankey Is Gone Too

5/15/2012 1:06:24 PM Ashton Pankey just tweeted that he is also leaving the University.  Pankey is the third player to transfer in the last month.  While Stoglin (I'm still smarting) and Parker left because they prefer ganja to basketball; Pankey's decision seems to be related more to family issues. 

Future playing time may have also been a consideration with the Terps bringing in plenty of front line players next season, but it's not clear whether or not that factored into his decision.

James Padgett and Pe'Shon Howard are now the only two players left from the Gary Williams Era.

In terms of impact, it's not huge.  Pankey was a nice player with great size, but it is hard not to imagine that the incoming players (Cleare, Mitchell, can replace his production.  I hate going to battle with such an inexperienced front court; but Len and Padgett should provide some experience.

Stoglin's loss is going to be the toughest to replace. In the grand scheme, Pankey's departure is a blip on the radar.

I do wish Pankey well.  He seemed like a great kid with a bright future.  I hope he does great things wherever he lands.

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