No New News In Terp Land

6/8/2009 12:52:35 PM Sorry folks about the lack of a new thread over the last few days.

I also spent the last three days on Tobacco Road.  My wife's good friend went to Chapel Hill and decided to go back there to get married.  While I find UNC fans to be insufferable; nothing compares to being so close to Coach K's evil rat empire.  The rehearsal dinner/BBQ was in Durham (on Duke St. of all places!!) and it took all of my intestinal fortitude to not start swerving and picking off pedestrians with my rental car.  I was able to find another Terp at the wedding (Greg, I hope you had a chance to check out the site), so I did get an opportunity to talk a little shop in enemy territory.

Besides my recent travels keeping me from posting, we've also just been waiting for any news on the make-up of the roster for next year.  It's only a matter of time before Greivis admits the inevitable and returns to school.

Our Friends at Testudo Times have conducted a comprehensive analysis of Greivis Vasquez' performance at the Draft Workout here in Chicago.  As evidenced by this chart, the results were not good for our favorite point guard. GV finished dead last in most of the "athletic" categories and he now projects as the last PG taken in the 2009 draft.

The Lance Stephenson Saga continues unabated as well.  I for one, will not blame him for the current situation.  I firmly believe that he is waiting for his legal troubles to clear up before he makes his decision.  This also conveniently dove tails with Gary Williams' desire to keep Debbie Yow out of his shit (see Tyree Evans).

It is almost pointless to speculate or predict what is going to happen with the team next year until we know how the roster will shake out.

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