NCAA Tournament Round 2: #5 Maryland vs # 13 Hawaii

3/20/2016 6:59:03 AM On Friday, the Terps backed into a win against South Dakota State to advance to the second round of the NCAA Tournament.

Ahead by 18 points in the second half, the Terps nearly gave it all way thanks to incredibly hot shooting by the Jack Rabbits (13-16 down the stretch), poor defense, and dumb fouling by Maryland. 

Melo Trimble fouled out by hitting a shooter's arm on a three point attempt. Not to be outdone, Rasheed Sulaimon did the exact same thing a few plays later. 

The Terps left Jackrabbit shooters open all day long so it was inevitable that they would start hitting shots eventually. It created a mess of anxiety amongst fans and coaches.

In the end, the Terps hung on and will face the 13th seeded Hawaii Rainbows this evening. Hawaii looked good beating a depleted Cal squad but make no mistake, today's game is a gift from the basketball gods. 

The Terps should dispatch the Rainbows and punch their ticket to the sweet 16. However, it's hard not to feel a sense of foreboding.  Friday's game was emblematic of the entire season. The Terps have shown an infuriating penchant for keeping opponents in ball games. It's an ominous sign as they games get tougher.

On the bright side, Trimble and Layman looked great offensively as the former got to the line all day and the latter hit everything. Nickens continued his good shooting as well.  For the Terps to make a run, everyone will need to be hitting on all cylinders. A win today and Kansas awaits. They've won 16 straight games.

One last thing.  A shout out to Juan Dixon's Basketball Camp which will be holding 3 sessions this summer.  Here are the dates:

June 20-24, Columbia, MD – Supreme Sports Club

June 27 – July 1 – Baltimore, MD – Park School

August 1-5, Germantown, MD – Discovery Sports Center

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