NCAA Tournament Preview

3/14/2017 12:33:40 PM It's hard to argue that Maryland didn't get over-seeded on Sunday. While the record (24-8) may warrant a #6 seed; the Terps have limped home (4-6 over their last 10 games) with some really bad losses (@ Penn State, home to Iowa, Big Ten Quarters vs Northwestern).

In terms of their Tournament chances, it all depends which team shows up. Will it be the squad that started 20-2 and had a double-digit lead on Purdue or will it be the team that blew the Purdue game down the stretch and limped through the end of the season?

My money is on the latter if Justin Jackson can't regain his January form. Remember how good he was in January? He hit 11 straight threes at one point and was a force going to the hoop.  In February, he disappeared.

Simply put, Melo needs a reliable number two, particularly one that can score from inside and outside, to take the pressure off. Otherwise, defenses will just collapse on him with double teams and he's not a good enough of a shooter to keep them honest.

I firmly believe that Maryland is one of the best teams in their region if we get the Justin Jackson from January. Without him, we'll be lucky to survive Xavier and frankly, I worry about our prospects for next year. I understand the freshman doldrums but he looks completely lost and has no confidence.

Turgeon needs to get Jackson in the right frame of mind quickly.

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