NCAA Sweet 16: #5 Maryland vs #1 Kansas

3/24/2016 2:26:20 PM The Terps take on the #1 overall seed this evening in their first sweet 16 game in 13 years.  The Terps are 6 point underdogs and some experts are picking the Terps. Seth Davis for one, has predicted the upset.

Personally, I'm confident that Maryland has the talent to play with Jayhawks.  I expect the game to be close throughout.  It will come down to execution down the stretch.  If Maryland has the lead late, then Kansas will have to foul, and that will likely mean the Terps pull out the win.  If we are behind, even a possession or two, then it will come down to rebounding and execution and that scares me. 

The Terps have lost many winnable games this year because we didn't execute down the stretch in those key areas.  I don't want it to come down to that.  

Regardless, of what happens, it will be fun.  If tonight is the last game of the season, it will be a disappointment but the Terps will rebuild.  If they win, they will be playing for the Final Four on Saturday.  

Go Terps!

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