NC State Thread

2/20/2011 8:55:22 AM NC State is a bad team, so the Terps should be fine today.  You see, the Terps can't beat good teams, only the bad ones.  State qualifies as bad, so that mean a likely victory.

The Terps have virtually no chance of making the Tournament.  Aside from winning out and making a deep run into the ACC Tournament, the Terps are headed to the NIT.

It sucks.  Even during the dark Chris McCray / Nik Caner-Medley years, the Terps at least were a bubble team until the very end.  The current Terps won't have any drama come Selection Sunday.  They don't deserve to be considered and they won't be.

This is the reality that the Terps are facing in three weeks time if things continue down the current path.  Though likely, it does not have to be that way.  The Terps can find their way through the muck in which they find themselves.  Stoglin and Williams offer the best inside/outside combo College Park has seen in years.  Stoglin electrified the Cassel Center last Tuesday with his blinding quickness.  He was able to get to the lane at will, and he dished out 6 assists and dropped in 25 points.  Those are numbers that only future stars can contribute as freshman.

Well, the future is now.  The Terps need to turn the keys over to Stoglin and Howard.  Tucker, Mosley, and Bowie should be the ones with the short leashes.  The first turnover or ill-advised three should send that trio to the bench.

It can start today.  After NC State, the Seminoles come to town.  A win there and the Terps can start to think about winning out by finding victory in Chapel Hill.  If they can close out UVA in the final game; A trip to the ACC semifinals would put them back on the bubble. That's all they have to hold on to at this point. My hope is that the freshman are just crazy enough to believe in it.
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