Must Win Part IV - Georgia Tech Thread

2/8/2009 5:29:50 PM I feel like this is the third or fourth "must win" game so far this year.  With each "must" win that turned into a loss; the Terps somehow have at least kept their hopes alive for an NCAA berth.

Let's be honest; the Terps are on the outside looking in; and will need to play out of character to get themselves in the hunt.  Working in their favor are two factors.

1.  The home vs. away schedule is a positive.  Of the remaining opponenets, the toughest teams (outside of the road game at Clemson) are at home; while the easiest teams are road games.  Of course this could completely backfire and MD could lose it home games to the good teams and lose the road games as well.  Either way, the Terps need as many wins as possible and the schedule is set up for them to maximize their chances.

2.  The selection committee cares most about the last 8-10 games of the regular season.  If the Terps can win six of their final eight games; they will earn a bid.  There is no question about that.  That sounds like a tall order, but remember that even when the program was perennially making the Tournament; they had to at least finish .500 over their final eight games  to get in.  The committee almost never rewards faltering teams with a bid.

After all that has happened, the Terps control their own destiny.  Of course every loss from here on out makes the task more difficult. There are no excuses for losing road games to league doormats.  A loss tonight and it will take a miracle.

The Terps can take nothing for granted.  They won't run away from an ACC opponent all year and Georgia Tech is no different.  I've been encouraged by the recent play of Sean Mosley.  He has really asserted himself and the UNC game is a clear indication that he is at his best when the game is fast paced and he can take advantage of the open seams that occur when much of the game is played in transition.  Mosley's emergence could be the key to a miracle finish a la the 2007 season (remember 8 wins in a row to close out the season that year?).

Braxton Dupree is showing signs of a little life; but I'm not about to start banking on that.  Either way, it all begins tonight.  A road win will give them confidence heading into Clemson.  If they take care of business tonight; we as fans can start to think about how a win at Clemson could completely rejuvenate the entire team's psyche.  There is nothing like a revenge game to breath life back into a team.  Let's save that talk for another time.  Tonight is all about the Yellowjackets.
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