Miami Thread

3/2/2011 9:36:52 AM The Terps fortunes in South Florida have never been good.  I don't know if it is the nice weather, the allure of South Beach, or the general decline of the Terps program the last seven years.

Either way, going down to Miami is not a great place for the Terps to be while they are licking their wounds from the most recent ass-kicking at the hands of UNC.

Whatever slim hopes the Terps have of getting at-large bid hinges on their ability to beat the Hurricanes tonight.  Miami has played well at home all year.  Their losses have been close and they've beaten most of their recent opponents.

It will not be easy for Maryland. With Virginia Tech choking against BC last night; it's likely that the Terps can do no better than the 6th seed.  That means a quarterfinal rematch with a beleaguered Florida State squad.  That win will not impress the selection committee.

That means a 2/6 semifinal matchup (if the Terps make it that far) is their Alamo.  They'd face either Duke or Carolina and a win there would punch the ticket.

So much needs to happen before MD gets to that point.  The first step is tonight and I won't be surprised if this last ditch effort to sneak into the Tournament stumbles out of the gate. 

In Stoglin, Jordan, and Dino we trust.
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