Melo Trimble Returns For Junior Season

5/25/2016 9:03:34 PM Terp fans got the good news they'd been hoping for when Melo Trimble announced he was returning to College Park next season. As a Terp fan, it's hard not to be elated by this news although as a Melo fan, I do feel bad for him. His slump during the back half of the year really hurt his draft stock. I hope he's able to rediscover the magic that we have come to know and love. He will have plenty of backcourt help next season. Cowan, Heurter, Wiley, Nickens, and Brantley will all be ready to go alongside Melo.

the front court is a different story. Newcomer L.G. Gill will likely start alongside Damonte Dodd with Ceko coming off the bench. The Terps are in the mix for top 40 prospect, Justin Jackson and that could change things if he commits. With Melo returning, it seems like Jackson could decide to make his way to College Park. If Jackson commits, the Terps could be top 20 next season.

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