Meet Pe'shon Howard - A Turtle Soup Exclusive

1/28/2010 10:12:55 PM Regular Souper, Kevin Litz, had a chance to sit down with 2010 Terps recruit Pe'shon Howard this week.  Both Kevin (and Pe'shon) were kind enough to let Turtle Soup publish their conversation.
Pe’shon Howard Interview 2010 PG – Oak Hill Academy

1. What made you choose Maryland and can you describe how the recruiting process went for you?

“It was a crazy process.  I just wanted to make sure I would make the right choice and see how I would fit in.  The coaches at Maryland gave me the opportunity to play early right away and I really liked that.  Plus, the ACC is a great conference and I figured why not take advantage of it.”

2.  What did you think of Coach Williams during the recruitment process and as a coach?

“I liked him a lot and all of the coaches.  They were straight up with me how I could fit in and all with the team next year.  Whenever Coach Williams talked to me he mentioned many different ways he could use me and that he really wanted me as a player on the team.  I like him a lot as a coach.”

3. What are your strengths as a basketball player?

“I can do many different things.  I can score, pass and play aggressive defense.  I take a lot of pride and focus to make sure my defense is the best it can be.”

4.  What are your weaknesses, if any, that you need to improve?

“Probably just my mid-range game and learn to score a lot of different ways.  I want to try to make games easy for me and my teammates and that comes from improving my decision making.”

5. What is your relationship with the other incoming recruits?

“Me and Mychal Parker are really close and cool.  We’ve known each other for along time and all of high school, we will probably be roommates once we are at Maryland.  Ashton I know a little from his high school team and AAU.  I don’t know Terrell personally but I have a heard a lot of goods things about him from the coaches.  They are all real excited about him as a player and for our entire class.”

6. How do you see yourself fitting in with the team?

“I think maybe playing on and off the ball, it’s hard to tell right now.  On offense, I will be able to shoot the ball and help create things to get the offense going.  On defense, they play alot of man so I will have to match up strong with my man and prevent him from scoring.”

7.  What do you think of the Maryland team this year so far and their potential?

“I like them a lot.  I think with last year’s team they surprised a lot of people but this year they are expected to win and are still surprising a lot of people with the way they have been doing it.  They have high expectations and I think they will be ranked soon.  They can go deep in the tournament if they continue to play smart.  I really like the direction they are headed in.”

8.  What are your goals at Maryland?

“Really to win is my number one goal.  I got to work hard to play and help my team.  I feel if I do that, and a lot of people talk about the All-ACC Rookie Team, I can put myself in good position for that.  But all awards come with winning.   That is my first goal.”

9.  What are you looking forward to the most at Maryland?

“Just to be part of the team.  I am real excited to go to college, ya know you work hard for your whole life to get there.  Also, to be with my team and getting into the process of a new beginning.”

10. Do you feel you can get Maryland to a national title some point during your career?

“I wouldn’t say just me, but the recruits we have coming in and how we play we can definitely do that.  The team has a good chance to get there this year, they are really good.  With 3 seniors leaving, hopefully we can contribute right away and keep it going.  We got to get off to a good start.”

11.  Word is you’re a really solid student and smart kid, what are you majoring in at Maryland?

“I’m not sure yet.  I am still in the process of talking to my guidance counselor and my dad.  I plan to make a decision towards the end of the school year.”

12.  Will you be attending any other games this year at the Comcast Center?

“I’m pretty sure I will.  It’s hard with the basketball schedule we have at Oak Hill.  I think our break is in early March so I plan on going to the game on the 3rd which I know is going to be a real big game with Duke coming I think.  I will try to be there for as many games I can.  I also think they are playing around that time at Virginia Tech so I am going to try to make it to that game as well.  I love the Comcast Center a lot, it is a great arena.”

13.  Anything special you want to say to the Maryland fans?

“I don’t know how much they really know about me or our recruiting class but with the class we have I think we can do a lot of big things and live up to the expectations.  We just have to come in, work hard, and it will pay off.”
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