Maryland vs Stonybrook

11/22/2016 4:53:27 PM The Terps take on Stonybrook tonight in what should be a tune up for next weekend's tougher slate. Unfortunately, it's hard to imagine any team being a tune up for the Terps right now. They simply can't play consistently for long enough stretches to put any team away.

The 3PT shooting has been pedestrian and they were outmuscled by Towson over the weekend. It is way too early to panic but the Terps cannot play like this against good competition. The frontline is likely to be soft all season so the shooting and ball security must come around. Tonight would be a good start.

Justin Jackson looks like a future star and both Heurter and Cowan look the part. Trimble willed them to victory against Towson. It's the other role players that need to step forward. Let's see a breakout performance from Nickens and Dodd tonight.

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