Maryland vs St. Peter's

12/9/2016 10:57:40 PM

Despite another tepid first half, the Terps looked like a power conference team Wednesday night as they ran away from Howard in the second half and cruised to 20+ point win. It was their first blowout win against a D-1 opponent this season.

Mikael Cekovsky led the way with 16 points. He displayed a couple of great low post moves and ran the floor well. He's really developing nicely and if he can play like this during the conference schedule, the Terps are going to have a great year.

The 3PT shooting was better (12-30) but not good enough considering how wide open they were throughout the night.

The Terps found most of their success when they rotated the ball inside. With Bender planted in the high post, he deftly distributed the ball to open guards for knock down shots. Bender is atrocious on defense but if he continues to pass the ball like he did the other night, he'll make himself impossible to leave on the bench.

Nickens and Wiley showed a little life but mostly the Terps continue to struggle with their shooting. Turgeon should consider refocusing the scheme to go inside first and only shoot the three when it comes from the flow of the offense.

They have three more games to work out the kinks in order to be ready for the B1G. St. Peter's should get pasted but who knows. The Terps just need to keep winning and building confidence.

Maybe today, we get a 30 point win?

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