Maryland vs Penn State

10/31/2014 10:24:19 PM Maryland hasn't beaten Penn State since the early sixties.  The Terps record against the Nittany Lions all-time 1-35-1.  Maryland has never won in Happy Valley.  It's an awful history.  One that can't be wiped clean with a victory today, but a win today will certainly feel like a new start.

Penn State is not good.  Maryland might not be much better. Playing in front of 100,000 fans won't make it easy but Maryland has the talent to compete.

Admittedly, it's hard to muster much optimism after the team phoned it in last weekend in Madison.  It was dreadful and embarrassing to watch.  Today is a new opportunity. One that can energize and excite the fan base.  A win, and I deem the season to be a success regardless of what happens the rest of the way. 60 complete minutes to make a season.  Let's go.

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