Maryland vs Ohio State (FB) and Rhode Island

11/9/2019 12:56:32 PM

Today is Jeckyl and Hyde Day for Terps fans. In the afternoon, we get to see the football Terps get pasted by Ohio State. It’s going to be ugly. Very ugly. It’s hard to fathom what’s happened to this team. That said, we are in year one of what will hopefully be a relatively short rebuild. Maryland now has top notch facilities and a great recruiter at the helm. Inexplicably, the delusional part  of our fan base is trashing Locksley and calling him a bad hire. This is a reclamation project folks.

This evening, we will hopefully be treated to what I believe is an elite basketball team. Rhode Island comes to campus for what should be a decent test. Rhody is often nationally competitive and they have a couple of local kids on the roster. The plan is for a double digit win but let’s all remember that Turgeon like to tinker with his roster in early part of the season so don’t be surprised if the Terps aren’t able to hold a big lead as Turgeon tries out different pairings and matchups.

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