Maryland vs Oakland U

11/16/2019 11:59:17 AM

What’s happened to the football team these last few weeks is hard to quantify. They’ve gone from competitive to completely overmatched within the span of 6 weeks. It’s been horrible to watch and they seem to be getting worse each week. It is not a good look for Locksley but fans need to be patient. If we are having the exact same conversation in a year then we’ll know he’s not the answer.

The basketball had a horrific start to the Rhode Island game. 12 turnovers in the first 10 minutes but then only committed 4 turnovers over the final 30 minutes. That’s more like it. If they can keep the turnovers to under 10 per game, the Terps are going to win a lot of games. I’m looking to see how Turgeon starts to balance the workload and give minutes to the young guys.

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