Maryland vs Michigan

1/15/2018 2:19:36 PM Maryland limps into to Ann Arbor this on the heels of an absolute pasting at the hands of the Ohio State Buckeyes. The Wolverines are flying high after knocking off Michigan State in their most recent game. That adds up to a long evening for the Terps.

Right now, Maryland has the look of a team that isn't able to compete. The Terps have been getting obliterated at the three point line. Teams are just having shooting practice right now against them. It's easy to argue that the Terps are just catching teams at the wrong time when the shooters are hot but seems to be happening all too often with this team.

This latest bugaboo (three point defense) is the latest in a whack-a-mole of problems. First it was turnovers, now it's three point defense. The Terps seem to have figured out the turnover issue but now they can't stop teams. It's disheartening and the injuries have rendered Turgeon with little options to remedy the situation.

It's a long season and the schedule does ease up a bit down the stretch but it essential that the Terps get their act together. Wiley, Ceko and Nickens have been on the team for 4 years now and they need to lead. Huerter, Cowan and Fernando are the best players on the team but they need senior leadership to make this season a success.

Tonight's game could be very ugly as Michigan's strength (three point shooting) is Maryland's current weakness. That said, the games need to be played and the Terps have a chance if they play their best game.

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