Maryland vs Jacksonville State

12/12/2016 5:33:38 PM

The Terps are pathetic 14-point favorite against Jacksonville State tonight. Who can blame the oddsmakers? Maryland has yet to put together 40 solid minutes of basketball despite their gaudy 9-1 record.

Saturday's game against St. Peter's was particularly frustrating. The Terps played their best first half of the season and even extended that lead to 26 points early in the second stanza. Unfortunately, they just lost their intensity and let the opponent slowly crawl back into the game. The lead never dipped below the finishing gap of 10 points but it underscores how easy it is for this team to lose its rhythm. 

I've thought about the reasons why and I can only conclude that the Terps lack a leader who can keep them from losing focus. Melo leads by example but he's not the get-on-your-case-fire-you-up-in-the-huddle kind of guy. That's what the Terps desperately need.

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