Maryland vs Howard

12/7/2016 2:18:35 PM

The Terps will have a tough time coming up with an encore to follow Saturday night's thrilling win over Oklahoma State at the Comcast Center. In what is now becoming routine, the Terps overcame a 12-point deficit to win in the closing seconds. 

It was the 4th time this season that the Terps overcame a deficit of 9 points or greater (Towson, Georgetown, Richmond were the others). It's also not hard to imagine that if the Terps had just kept it a little closer against Pitt, they would have completed that comeback as well.

All of this clutch success belies the point that the Terps continue to play with fire and make things unnecessarily difficult for themselves. These early deficits have shown us the Terps mettle but they've also exposed their vulnerability to getting run out of the gym by really good teams.

Young teams struggle with consistency and adapting to the styles different teams present on any given day. The key is that they learn and get better each game.

Hopefully, this run of cupcakes presents an opportunity for the Terps to play consistent for 40 minutes each time out. The bullets start flying for real again in a couple of weeks and the Terps need an above .500 record in the Big Ten if they want to dance this season.

Let's have a big win against Howard and build from there.

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