Maryland vs. Colgate Thread

1/4/2011 10:22:21 AM Colgate is terrible.  They are 1-11. The Adonal Foyle years are long gone.  Unfortunately, this game won't provide much of a tune up for Duke this weekend.

The only thing to watch for the player rotation that Gary Williams employs.  I wouldn't expect more than 8 guys to play against Duke so the first 8 in tonight will likely be playing Cameron.

Before I drop the subject entirely, I did want to make one final comment about the Anderson/Leach/Edsall debacle:

On of the items that emerged as problematic with the Leach interview was his unwillingness to drop his ESPN lawsuit and that was a problem because the University views ESPN as a "partner".  Let me just say that this is ridiculous.  ESPN is a business.  They will put on games that will get the best the ratings regardless of their feeling about the school's football coach.  That is how ESPN maximizes profits for Disney shareholders. To claim that the lawsuits were a factor is just spurious.

On to Duke....

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