Maryland v Florida Gulf Coast Thread

11/25/2011 1:50:42 PM Florida Gulf Coast comes to College Park as a warm-up opponent. With big games against Illinois and Notre Dame on the horizon, Coach Turgeon is likely looking at tonight's contest as a means to gauge the team's progress.

As San Juan painfully demonstrated, the Terps are far from being a dependable team on either end of the floor.  They are undermanned and learning a new offense.  It spells trouble in terms of wins and losses, but right now, Terp fans should be focused on whether or not the team is improving. 

Tonight is an opportunity to see if the Terps are able to run Turgeon's offensive sets.  Are the players able to maintain their defensive intensity for 40 minutes.  These are things that the team needs to focus on.

In a sense, it's remedial.  The Terps can't move forward until they learn how Turgeon needs them to play.  What's going to happen against Illinois and Notre Dame.  Both games could be ugly, but then again, our young Terps could gel and we may find ourselves surprised by the end of next week.

Just remember, it's all about improvement at this point in the season.
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