Maryland Takes It OnThe Chin As Pitt Whips Terps

1/6/2014 7:43:36 PM I don't even know where to start. If we aren't shooting lights out, good coaches can figure out how to stop us quite easily.  Turgeon either doesn't know how to adjust or he is doesn't have the players capable of making the adjustment. you could actually see the moment in the game when Pitt figured us out. I could picture Dixon during the under 4 timeout in the first half, telling his team to close out on the perimeter with layman and smot and double faust and wells on the drive.  game over.  most of our guys can only play one way.

faust and wells are cut from the same cloth.  they are 1 on 1 guys who happen to play on a basketball team.  Smot and Layman are physically and mentally weak.  Shaq is NEVER ready for the ball.  EVER!!!  Chuck is so lackadaisical.  Seth and Roddy are the only guys who can play the game correctly.  Roddy dribbled too much because everyone else just stands at the 3 point line.  Graham plays the right way too, but he has limited abilities. 

I'm so sick of being so mediocre.  There is nothing positive to take from this game.  We got smacked in the mouth went crying home to momma.

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