Maryland Rolls Over Northwood in Tune Up

11/9/2008 1:39:23 AM The score was 104-60 and it was over before it started. The Terps didn't have the services of arguably their top two players (Greivis Vasquez and Sean Mosley); yet domintated throughout.

I missed the game; but clearly the Terps are not going to lead the NCAA in frontcourt scoring. The bigs didn't give us much offensively, but if the skill players can shoot like this night in and night out; we will be fine.

Jin Soo Kim can fill it up. I realize that we are talking about inadequate competition but buckets are buckets. He started slow and caught fire. I don't know about you but I think the Terps can use a steaky shooter or two.

The most remarkable aspect about the game was the balance. The Terps got 15+ points from five different players. They shared the ball well- dishing out 18 assists.

Perhaps the prettiest stat of all? Only 11 turnovers.

Maryland did not play well against inferior competition at any point last season. We should beat a team like Northwood by 44 points and we did.

I declare tonight's game a success and remain cautiously optimistic about the season.
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