Maryland In Sole Possession of First Place in the ACC Atlantic

10/3/2009 8:00:27 PM Not only is that headline ridiculous, it's true.  The Terps are currently the only team in their division without a loss.  If the season ended today, we would be playing in the ACC Championship Game.  I think we can now all agree that the ACC is crazy.  The quality is lacking but anything can happen.

The Terps squeaked by today.  They still made plenty of mistakes (particularly the coaching staff) and they lost Da'Rel Scott for the season.  Despite that, Terp fans should be soaring.  If the Turtles can limit the mistakes on the road; they may very well leave Wake Forest with another win.  After that, who knows?

The most glaring cause for hope is the play of the defense.  They really held firm today and held a future NFL first rounder (Spiller) largely in check.  Let's see if they can start to develop some consistency.

I still have little faith in the offense's ability to limit turnovers.  It seems that either Turner or the RB's are guaranteed to cough up the ball at inopportune moments.  I'm not so sure why they are so turnover prone. My best guess is that the coaching staff is trying to get them to do things that they cannot.

As evidence, consider why Franklin insists on running designed QB sneaks for Chris Turner. Does this make any sense to anyone?  It's clear, that Franklin wants a QB capable of hurting teams on the ground.  The problem is that he doesn't have anyone like that on the roster.

Normally, in those situations, coaches alter their playbook to fit the abilities of on the players on the field.  Not Coach Franklin!  He's going to have Chris Turner faking the hand off and running around the end even if it kills him.  Does Franklin see some hidden athletic talent in Turner that no one else recognizes?  Or, is Franklin jamming a round peg into a square hole?  You be the judge.

Nevertheless, the Terps desperately needed a win like that to kick start their confidence.  The next few games will determine if their new found pride and energy can be turned into real momentum.  If not, we can say to hello to 4-7.  Either way, there will be plenty of folks sleeping easier tonight in College Park.
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