Maryland Gets Shoveled by PooVA

10/20/2007 11:55:57 PM Questions that remained unanswered after Saturday's loss:

How many times can Al Groh call that shovel pass before Maryland stops it? Will the Ralph Friedgen ever throw the ball down the field again (Could some one introduce him to Darius Heyward-Bey)? Seriously, when did the Fridge become so conservative? I used to think it was because he had no confidence in Steffy, but now I'm not so sure. Chris Turner looked fine tonight and Maryland has one of the fastest players in college football. Why can't we throw one or two deep balls to him per game? Even if it gets intercepted; it is as good as a punt. Where's the risk?

The Terps had so many chances to win this game. The dubious pass interference call on the last drive. The bad spot on fourth down. It's really maddening. The Terps have now lost two games that they should have won. This is a talented team, but until the coach starts believing in them more, they aren't going anywhere.
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