Leaked Penn State Penalties

7/22/2012 10:12:40 PM Here's a screenshot of what could be announced tomorrow.

If true, the penalties are unprecedented.  It's hard to imagine but it now appears likely that there will be no football in State College in this year.  What's more, all current players will be allowed to transfer without penalty.  There will be no TV until 2015 and no football recruiting in 2013.

Now, the last thing I want to see is for Maryland to openly attempt to profit from this scandal but it's hard to imagine that Edsall and Locksley won't be reaching out to former recruits who chose Penn State.  It's virtually certain that these players will be reaching out on their own anyway since there is no reason now to stay in State College.

It's not the death penalty but it is close.

Update 10:00AM ET
OK, so that screenshot wasn't accurate; but it was pretty close.  They just about everything right outside of PSU being banned from football all of 2013.

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