Is Alex Len Really Going To Be Picked #1?

6/24/2013 2:04:03 PM I feel compelled to address the groundswell of news reports that Alex Len is about to be drafted #1 by the Cleveland Cavaliers this week.  While on one hand, getting picked #1 is great for Alex personally and a great advertisement for the program; I'm troubled.  Here how I see it playing out:

1.  He's not ready to contribute and Cleveland Stinks.  Maryland's subpar PG play aside, there were many moments during the season where Alex caught the ball on the low block and either lacked the court vision to pass out of the double team or had no confidence in his back-to-the-basket move.  He's only 20 years old and simply has developed those facets of his game yet.  Cleveland will be looking for someone who is ready to contribute and Alex will be limited given his lack of a rounded out skill set.

2.  It will likely take a few years for Len to develop these skills.  By that time, his rookie contract will have run out and he'll have contributed precious little to the Cavaliers.  Len will be labeled a bust and shipped out of town for $.50 on the dollar.  As a number 1 pick, there is simply too much pressure for Len to have a realistic chance to succeed.  The expectations will be impossibly high.

3.  Maryland will then have three top two picks (Joe Smith, Steve Francis, and Alex Len) who underwhelmed in the NBA.  It's hard enough to recruit and track record like that does not help.

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