How Can We Do It?

2/10/2009 3:12:43 PM Since we have to wait 4 more days for another 'must win' game, I thought it would be interesting to ask all of you how you think the Terps can get on a run and win some of these key big games remaining on our schedule in hopes to sneak into the tournament.

I know after watching this team all year, most of us don't think it's possible to all of a sudden get hot and win our way in, but I'd like to know what you think HAS to happen for us to have a chance to do it.

The schedule sets up nicely in that we need to have multiple big wins in conference to impress the selection committee.  And with a murderer's row of opponents, it's right there in front of us.  The good news?  Most of the big games are at home.  The bad news?  We haven't shown the consistency needed to have a shot to beat the best teams in the ACC. 

What do they need to do overall as a team and individually as players?
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