Here We Go Again... Fire Everyone!

9/19/2009 6:47:05 PM I don't know what is wrong with sports fans these days.

Everything is so damn extreme. After one loss, fire the coach, fire the AD, clean house, etc. It gets old and it is ridiculous. I realize there is a "what have you done for me lately" feeling around sports these days, but come on folks. I just don't understand that way of looking at things.

Now I am as pissed off about this as you. I am in a crappy mood right now as my wife and family can attest as I tried to sit at their dinner table tonight and actually have a conversation. All I could think about was how horrible the Terps played. They were an embarrassement. They did about 15 things wrong in this game and if they had only done 14 things wrong, they would have won. It's a damn shame and there is plenty of frustation and there is plenty of blame to go around.

I don't accept this kind of play so far and it is not what a good BCS team should show on a weekly basis, but it is what it is. We can't change things now. For those who lived through the 90's teams, we have made 6 bowl games in the past 8 years. That is pretty good. Sure it's not like it was early in the Fridge era and I wonder why our offense has become afraid of itself. As a Redskins fan as well, I HATE the "west coast" offense. It is maddening. We have a senior quarterback who is NOT a leader. Michigan true freshman Tate Forcier already makes better decisions and is a far better player than Chris Turner.

With all this being said, it's not time to fire the Fridge. It's not time to clean house. These 3 games do not erase the past and what this coaching staff has done for this team. We just have lost more than we thought. We lost leadership at top positions. I wish we still had Jeremy Navarre (who, by the way is now on Jacksonville's active roster). We have a very young team that is just screwing up big time. They will get better and if they don't, we'll put other guys in there that will get better.

It's like the same folks that are calling for Fridge's head are the same one's who called for Gary Williams' head last year. They were also the same one's who had to eat crow when Gary proved he is one damn good coach. Let the Fridge try and do the same. He had the guts to bench Scott after his fumbles. If that play action pass works late in the game, everyone would have been praising Franklin. He made a mistake only because the play did not work and his QB did not avoid a sack. If that's a 20 yard gain, he is a genius. In this case, he trusted his team to get the job done.

Give this young team time. We do not have another choice. We haven't had a down year in 9 seasons. I don't want one now, but that's the way it is. Let's hope they can regroup and come out next week and give Rutgers hell. At least they don't have a spread offense. Perhaps we have emptied the clip into our feet these past 3 weeks and there are no more bullets to shoot into ourselves. Or perhaps we are overmatched this season and will just have to take our lumps and bring back just about everyone next year and give it another shot.

There is talent on this team. Maybe it needs more time to grow than we might have hoped. I have high standards for our program just like everyone else and I disagree with the decisions of our coaching staff, but I still am thrilled to have Fridge in charge and I think those who call for a coaches head after a couple of bad games or for what you may think is underachievement are just overreacting. It doesn't mean you have to like what is going on, just chill with the extreme.

Nick Saban is not walking through that door. We have just as much chance of hiring a complete loser than a big time winner as coach. There is no miracle waiting out there. Actually, the school believes that Franklin may be a special guy and he needs to be given that chance when Fridge steps down. So that's the future right now. That will not change.

I'll still be watching every game this year in hopes of a turnaround, but we just have to accept this team for what it is, hope for the best and get ready for hoops season.
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