Georgia Tech Afterglow

2/21/2010 9:00:26 PM It's been more than 24 hours since the Miracle at Comcast and I still don't know what to make of it. Personally, it's the only buzzer beater that I have ever witnessed in person.  I was there with the same guys who were with me when Drew Nicholas hit the game winner in the NCAA Tournament 7 years ago (we were in Vegas for that).  Since we see each other about once per year, our track record is pretty good.

We may live another 100 years and never see a final sequence like what occurred yesterday.  In many ways, it encapsulated our season.  A big shot by Vasquez with 10 seconds to go gave us the lead until our Achilles heel (rebounding) gave the lead right back to Tech.

The ensuing game winner that wasn't by Vasquez is simply incomprehensible.  A shot that has a 5% chance of going in did; only to be taken away by our own coaching staff.  There is no way to describe the emotions in Comcast during the timeout that followed; but Gary kept his wits about him and drew up one hell of a final play.

I'm sure that the Terps were not the only team to suffer from such a fate (have a game winner taken off the board); but surely, we are the only team to come back and hit the game winner anyway.  That just doesn't happen.

The scene inside the arena was pure bedlam.  Grown men were piling on top of each other like school children.  The student section erupted, but did not rush the floor (Thank you students.  We shouldn't ever rush the floor at Comcast.  No win should be that surprising at home.)  What Georgia Tech fans were there (way too many by the way); stood dumbfounded.

My hat is off to Greivis Vasquez who hit two game winners in the span of 10 seconds.  The kid has stones the size of Alpha-Centuri (sp?) .  Eric Hayes hit two huge shots down the stretch as well.  That sweeping one-handed layup in amongst the trees was a thing of beauty.  His three pointer that gave us the lead was as clutch as they come.  Our backcourt ain't perfect, but they are as good as any in the country.

What can be said of Cliff Tucker?  That shot was one in a million but he hit it.  The kid certainly has stepped up at important moments throughout his career.  He remains maddeningly inconsistent; but maybe yesterday represented a turning point in his growth as a player.

Adrian Bowie accorded himself well.  He had two big threes and didn't turn the ball over like we have been unfortunately accustomed to seeing.  Perhaps his time has come too?

One the other hand, a few things concerned me about yesterday's events.  Our rebounding is atrocious when Jordan Williams is out the game and serviceable when he is playing.  That is going to kill us in the end unless something is done.  Dino Gregory has played well of late even showing some offense; but he got absolutely worked by Derrick Favors during the second to last sequence.  The Terps are allowing opposing players to have career days on the offensive glass at an alarming rate (see Zoubek, Greg and Favors, Derrick).

Sean Mosley is lost.  His atrocious play with about 4 minutes left (I forgot all that happened but it included an inbounds pass that almost led to an easy layup on the other end) got him banished to the bench for the rest of the game.  He was replaced of course, by Mr. Big Shot himself, Cliff Tucker.  I'm sure this will continue to fuel the "Replace Mosley with Tucker" camp and that discussion's time has come.  However, it won't happen.  The Terps are winning and Gary won't make a change like that unless something dramatic happens.

The bottom line is this: Mosley is not playing good enough right now.  He has turned into an offensive liability.  Nothing is falling and he is over thinking everything.  During the halftime warmups, I watched Mosley intently.  He was draining threes like they were layups.  Whatever is wrong with Sean is between his ears.  The Terps are going to need him down the stretch so here's hoping the Mosley can get on the right track soon.

Milbourne looked terrible too.  I know he is in there against the trees but 1-9 just ain't getting it done.

Overall, the Terps played poorly.  Vasquez had an off shooting night as did the aformentioned Mosley and Milbourne.  Add to that the absolutely atrocious officiating and it was no surprise that Tech had us beat with 1.5 seconds left.  The key for the Terps will be to display better form against Clemson and reestablish themselves as a consistent shooting team in all disciplines (3PT, FT, and 2PT).  I suspect that is what we will see on Wednesday.

As for my annual college reunion game; well, we are officially undefeated (3-0); but I'm fairly certain that no matter how long that win streak lasts, no wins will be determined in quite the same fashion as yesterday's incredible ending.
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