Georgetown - Maryland Thread

11/30/2008 12:15:37 PM I do not have much time to write anything as I will be traveling most of the day; but I can't let a Georgetown-Maryland game pass without commenting on the importance of this regional contest.

The first MD-Georgetown game of recent history signaled the rebirth of the program.  Joe Smith unveiled himself to the world and the Maryland program finally emerged from the depths of the Bias saga.

The second MD-Georgetown game of recent memory ocurred during the Terps first successful March to the Final Four in 2001.  If you will recall, the 1990s witnessed countless sweet sixteen appearances for the Terps; yet never any appearances beyond.  Yet in 2000; on the brink of our first ever Elite Eight appearance; the Hoyas stood in Maryland's way.  Again, the Terps prevailed.

Today, Maryland will be meeting Georgetown at a pivotal moment.  The decline of our program has been well documented; yet the Terps have a chance to reassert our regional dominance today.  With a win, Maryland can put a stamp on this year's team that says "we are going to the NCAA Tournament".

I will weigh in after the game.  Go Terps
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