Gary To Visit Tobias Harris Tomorrow And Other News

9/16/2009 7:44:17 PM According to Tobias Harris' Twitter account, Maryland will be visiting the Top 5 PF prospect at his home tomorrow.  Coaches have been blazing a trail to the New Yorker's home in recent days.  Zag's blog even quoted Tobias' father beaming after WVU coach, Bob Huggins visit.

My favorite part of the article is this gem:  "That plan also included accumulating enough academic credits so that if Tobias potentially goes pro after two years, he can return to campus the next summer to get his degree."

Hearing stories about Bob Huggins talking about academics is like listening to Kanye West talk about award show etiquette (I had to go there. It's late and I'm too tired to think of a better/funnier metaphor).  Isn't Bob Huggins the guy who never graduated one kid when he was at Cincinnati?

In addition to WVU; Tennessee, Syracuse, St. John's, and Oklahoma have all been through the Harris household.  Gary gets his chance tomorrow.  Maryland has the pedigree to compete with all of these programs.  Gary just needs to sell Tobias on the school and his role on the team.

We all know that Gary loves to run his flex offense through the point guard, but he is going to have be open to the idea of a point-forward led offense.  It seems that Tobias' father, Torrel, will only let his son go to a school that emphasizes the point-forward.  I'm not sure that any program in the country "features" the point-forward.  Teams with players capable of playing the forward position that way are emphasized.  The flex offense can be just as effective as any at "featuring" the forward in the point capacity.  Gary just needs to sell it that way.

Football Talk

Hopefully, this will help take the focus off the depressing state of our middling football program.  The Middle Tennessee State game offers the Terps the opportunity to "avenge" last year's debacle; but none of it will matter if the team can't plug the holes in the defense and get the ball into the hands of it's few marquee talents.

As has been noted in previous posts, the play calling has been atrocious.  Da'Rel Scott is averaging more than 5 yards per carry; yet he is only getting 15 touches per game.  Who would you rather have with the ball? Scott or Turner?  Besides, what better way to hide our defensive deficiencies than by grinding out long drives that focus on the run?

The bottom line is that students, fans, and alumni will have little patience for a team that can't beat D1 bottom feeders.  Basketball season is around the corner and the football team is on the fast track to irrelevance.

Pride of Pikesville, MD

Finally, in a little noticed item, the famed "Jewish Jordan", Tamir Goodman, retired from basketball today.  You may recall, that Gary famously offered and then rescinded a scholarship to Goodman.  Eventually, Goodman enrolled at Towson State and became the first Orthodox Jew to play Division I basketball.  He had been playing professionally in Israel (where else?)

Tamir could have been the Jin Soo Kim of his day.  A sure-to-have-been crowd favorite and destined to warm the bench, he would have sent the student section into wild frenzies during garbage time.  For that reason alone, I feel cheated out of not having had an opportunity to witness the Tamir Goodman era in College Park. (Full disclosure:  Goodman hails from my hometown of Pikesville, MD, as did another Gary-era benchwarmer: Mitch Kasoff)

It also reminds me of the days when Gary Williams didn't even bother to scout a kid before offering him a scholarship.  "Billy Hahn saw him hit 7 three-pointers in a row playing against 5'8" Jewish kids?  That's enough for me!"  Ahh, the good 'ole days.
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