Gameday: Quick Lane Bowl - Maryland vs BC

12/26/2016 11:43:26 AM

The Terps play in the venerable Quick Lane Bowl this afternoon in glorious Detroit, Michigan. Maryland and BC are the envy of the sports world as they prepare to take the Field in a cavernous NFL stadium that will be at 25% capacity.

I don't have an answer but the NCAA needs to figure out how to make these bowl games more meaningful. For the life me, aside from "pride", I can't think of a reason why this game matters. Sure, it will signal a winning season for DJ Durkin, but it won't sign one recruit and I don't think it makes Maryland any better 8 months from now when they start practicing for next season.

Regardless, I will be watching and hoping for a win to numb the pain of Ravens choke against the Steelers last night.

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