Gameday: Maryland vs UConn

9/14/2013 8:21:41 AM Today's matchup would be a salivating one if it were a basketball game.  Unfortunately, it appears that UConn football has fallen on hardtimes. The Huskies opened the season with a lowly loss to Towson University. UConn hasn't played a game since but the Husky faithful are not expecting much this year.

For the Terps, the boys have a chance to prove that they can still dominate when the level of competition is ratcheted up a notch.  What's more, it is Maryland's first road test.  All in all, it is the perfect opponent for a team that we all hope is on the rise.

So far, the Terps have given fans little to complain about.  CJ Brown has been nearly perfect while Stephon Diggs may be the most electrifying player in the NCAA right now.  His mate at the other wideout position, Deon Long, looks like the real deal too.  The defense has been getting turnovers and stopping drives with regularity.

If the Terps maintain their form and come away with a win, we'll be treated to a great test next week in Baltimore against West Virginia.  A win there, and we can say the Terps are for real.

My prediction for today's game: 31-16

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