Gameday: Maryland vs UCF

9/16/2016 4:05:25 PM Perry Hills is the most accurate passer in the FBS. That means one of two things:

1. Gus Frerotte is the QB whisperer and Perry Hills is on his way to the NFL.
2. Maryland's competition thus far has been absolutely abysmal.

Ok. It doesn't have to mean one of those two things, it can mean both right? While it's doubtful, that Hills will be playing on Sundays, it's possible that he is vastly improved and is on course to have a great season. The competition has still been pretty bad.

UCF is a bit different. While not, elite Big Ten competition, UCF presents a real challenge. They aren't pushovers. A convincing win and I may be willing to believe that this team can be good maybe even very good.  

There are a lot of offensive weapons and if Hills can spread the ball around, Maryland can be an effective offense all year. Defensively, the returns look pretty good too. We won't beat the teams with massive O-lines that can push us around but should be competitive everywhere else.

Of course, you're only as good as your last game and a loss to UCF will tamp down any excitement very quickly.

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