Gameday: Maryland vs NC State

11/30/2013 8:18:40 AM This game should be called "Your rivals have a bigger rivals than you so we just stuck the to of you together" Game or the "Leftover Bowl".  Nothing is more depressing on "Rivalry Saturday" than realizing that you have no real rival.  It reinforces the mediocrity and irrelevance.  Oh well.  A new future begins next season.

The Terps can salvage a winning season by beating a pathetic Wolfpack tea, today.  I suppose that it all depends on how the Terps rebound from that hideous BC game last week.  The Terps should have won and may indeed have done so had they no collapsed.  Edsall gets a share of the blame for his boneheaded tactics.

Today is also the last game that Maryland will in the ACC.  I feel no emotion about that whatsoever.

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