Game Thread: Maryland vs. UCLA

11/19/2007 6:11:17 PM The Terps are listed as 10.5 point dogs tonight against the #1 the top-ranked Bruins. I just hope that we can play with them for the full 40 minutes. Anything less than a cover, will be disappointing.

My plan is to re-post here during the game, so feel free to stop by and throw in your two cents….

MVN has added a chat feature to the site this year, if you click on the chat feature under the post and you will be able to chat it up with your fellow Turtle Soupers during the game.

Go Terps! Think about beating #1 Florida in the 2002-03 season.

First Half Thoughts:

Talent-wise, Maryland played better or equal to the Bruins in the first half. Aside from some horrendous shot selection from GV, and some equally horrid officiating (Seriously, do the officials realize the Osby is even there? The blown over-the-back by Love; the beautiful spin move by Boom the was called a hook? What about the play in the paint where Osby went up; got hacked, and the official called a travel. Marvelous job our unbiased crew.); the Terps played reasonably well when they weren't turning the ball over two out of every three trips down the court.

I just don't understand all of the sloppiness. We need to work the ball inside to Gist and Osby. They can both beat their man. It will also get us to the line a little. We have no outside shooting whatsoever, but if we pound it inside; it should give us some open looks. The press worked well and we are benefiting from not having Collison in there. Take advantage of it!

After the game:

They are sloppy and couldn't shoot for much of the night. However, if you take away the first 6 minutes (The Terps dug themselves into an 11-2 hole) and the first 4 minutes of the second half (the Bruins turned a 10 point lead into a 20 point one) and the Terps outplayed the Bruins. So, for 30 of the 40 minutes, the Terps were the better team. The defense was great. The officiating was bad (Osby got NO respect, not even an ounce), and the shooting was AWFUL.

No threes, no made jumpshots until the final four minutes (didn't they look loose in those final few possessions?) and still they were in the game. The Terps just need to settle down and learn to believe in themselves. The turnovers have got to stop too. Since John Wooden's team beat us tonight, perhaps Gary and the boys could take some of his sage advice to heart: be quick but don't hurry.

There is a good team in all that mess we saw tonight just waiting to come out. The Terps scored 41 points in the second half despite not really being on the court for the first four minutes. For a young team, there were a lot of positives to take away from this loss.

What does concern me is the way Gist was completely removed from the game in the second half. He was a non-factor. Our lack of outside shooting allowed UCLA to collapse and swallow him up. He looked inconsolable after he fouled out late in the game. Note to James: we play tomorrow. All is not lost. Buck up big fella. We weren't going undefeated anyway. Let's go out tomorrow and scavenge a split out of this tournament.
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