From DBR: Taran and Me

2/7/2009 3:43:57 PM Diamondback Russ just posted this under another thread, but I thought I would add give it its own thread.

"I just got back from the Bishop Maginn HS game. Taran Buie somehow scored 23 points. I say “somehow” because I don’t know where they came from. I was stunned when the I saw the scorers sheet (I read it upside down so maybe he scored 32 lol). Seriously though, Taran shot well at times and at times seemed lethargic. It was as if his motor wasn’t fully on. In fact this was the first game where I observed him lose his man on defense on a couple of possesions, but he was able to use his quickness to get back in front of him except on once that I recall.

He entered the game with about 4 minutes left in the first quarter but played almost every minute after that. I’ll check the paper in the morning but it looked like the scorer had him down for 7-11 from the FT line tonight.

Best part of tonight’s game was that assistant coach Rob Ehsan was also at the game. I spoke to coach Ehsan after the game and he was pleased with what he saw overall but also commented that Buie’s motor didn’t seem fully on.

Both coach Ehsan and I were very happy to see Buie wearing black Under Armor game shoes and matching UA socks. The rest of Buie’s team wore blue a the shoe choice?
I also asked coach Ehsan about Burney and he told me “his foot is weak, but he is cleared to play. Problem is that he lost time and he’s behind Braxton who is playing better in practice and played well in limited minutes against UNC”.

Coach Ehsan and I talked about the Ga Tech game and how tough the ACC is this season. I told him after watching the UNC game I felt the Terps had an upset or two in them, and he said 'I hope you’re right'"

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