Forget It and Move On

2/13/2010 2:19:44 PM Calm down everyone.

I figured I would see a whole lot of 'we suck', 'I'm embarrassed', 'I'm done with this team' crap after this one. Now don't get me wrong, I was pretty damn frustrated and pissed off. This was not the game I hoped to see. However, it's done. They had a bad game, and you know what? If we were going to have a bad game shooting and rebounding then I'm glad it was this one.

We were not supposed to win this one. Sure, it was looked worse than we wanted it to look, but it's a loss. We are 6-3 in the conference and as long as we take care of our home court Monday night and go out with some passion on Wednesday, we can head into next Saturday's big one against Georgia Tech at 8-3.

I'm not going to go into blames. They all had a bad game. Wide open shots missed time and time again. Despite the player stats, we were outrebounded by just 7. Not good, but not horrible against the best rebounding team in the ACC. You can't get a completely fair game at Duke. We didn't shoot a free throw until 10 minutes left in the 2nd half??? Was JW not crushed on that replay to see whether he hit the rim in the 1st? Calls that Hayes got driving to the basket in the 2nd half were identical to what they tried to do in the first. It will be a different game at CP.

Now that didn't cost us the win, the shooting did. I think Landon Milbourne will be more comfortable at home on Monday and hopefully we can get something from him because they need it.

Mostly they need the seniors to lead. All 3 seniors blew it in the first half by beginning to panic and play desperate with 30+ minutes to go in the game. That did not set a good example for the younger guys. The seniors need to get everyone back on the same page and ready for Monday. The good news is they don't have long to think about this one. The bad news is they can't afford for there to be a carry-over.

I'm willing to think that we were on a roll and the week off hurt. Now we had our bad game and hopefully they can just forget it and move on. Wheels is right. 10-6 is the goal. Doesn't matter how we get there, just get there. If we get to 10, we will have the quality wins we need.
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