FIU vs Terps Game Thread

12/13/2011 11:17:29 AM Isaiah Thomas comes to College Park this evening to take on the Terps with his 3-6 Panthers squad.

I'm beyond the point of expecting any easy victories this season and I think tonight will be no exception.  Expect a game that is played with no more than a single digit lead for 40 minutes.

The big news tonight was that there were rumors that Pe'Shon Howard may play for a few minutes.  As exciting as that would have been; I'd just soon exercise extreme caution and wait until the games resume after Finals Week on the 23rd.

Apparently, Howard and the team doctors agreed with me and last night Howard  confirmed that he would return on December 23rd.  We'd all love to see this team with a true point guard running the offiense.  Pe'Shon is just that and his introduction to the offense will fundamentally change the team for the better.

Whenever that starts, the Terps will be one more step closer to be a legitimate contender for the postseason.

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