Eastern Kentucky Thread

12/12/2009 12:11:24 PM I'm going to go out on a limb and say that if you are playing a directional Kentucky University that doesn't have "Western" in front of it; the game should be a cakewalk.  Despite playing Pitt (who lost to Indiana this week) relatively close, I don't expect the Colonels to challenge the Terps this evening.

That's fine with me because the Terps have plenty of things to sort out before during the remaining stretch of non-conference games.  For example, can Greivis Vasquez integrate himself into the office now that we have what appears to be a few legitimate scoring options (Mosley and Williams in addition to the already proven Mibourne and Hayes).  Vazquez needs to understand that the Terps are better when he isn't needed for every big shot.  If the team can emerge from the non-conference schedule having figured out how to utilize all of the starters scoring abilities; we can truly become an elite team.

Not to be forgotten, Dino Gregory will make his debut tonight.  The Terps desperately need rebounding help and Gregory should provide some stability up front.  I'm of the opinion that he should be coming off the bench until he can demonstrate that he is a better all-around player than Jordan Williams.  I suspect that the can't and won't.  This is a good thing.  With Williams, Padgett and Gregory, the Terps have a front line that could hold its own in the ACC.

Becoming a good rebounding will tough.  The three guard set is a limiting factor.   Mosley and Hayes are playing to well to be benched and that means that Milbourne will continue to play out of position.  However, I hope that Gregory's availability will grant Gary Williams the opportunity to try out a bigger lineup during certain periods of the game.  Tonight is his first opportunity.
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